The 7 Secrets To Changing Anything In Your Life..

June 4, 2010 1:42am CST
1. Raise your expectations of yourself. Happy and successful people think and behave in certain ways, but so do miserable and unhappy people. The difference in people's lives is in their expectations of themselves! 2. Turn your shoulds into "musts". When you must do something, it actually gets done! 3. Realize the power of NOW! Momentum creates a snowball something immediately ! 4.Be unreasonable! Do what others believe is impossible! 5. Be honest with yourself! Lose the excuses and the stories and tell yourself the truth! Nothing gets better unless you admit something is wrong. 6. Start by tackling one manageable piece of a project. Do one thing towards your goal and do it now. 7. Watch Your Language! Making yourself feel better without actually changing anything allows you to accept mediocrity.Tell yourself the truth and do your own personal best! You have the power to have, do or be ANYTHING you want in life...your reasons why have to be strong enough! Now Go Live With Passion! WHAT DO YOU THINK, WILL IT NOT CHANGE YOUR LIFE??
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• Philippines
4 Jun 10
I do believe these 7 secrets will really change one's life :) and i am planning to apply it to my life :)