Any Pilots?

United States
June 4, 2010 4:27am CST
Are there any pilots on here? Or at least people with a passion for aviation? I got my private pilots license about a year ago. Will start training for my instrument rating in the fall. Currently flying around in little C152's and C172's.
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• United States
27 Feb 12
Private pilot and work for the airlines. Is there an aviation forum here?
2 Feb 12
Hej chrisjw, Got a PPL and CPL. Trying to find funding for multi and IR ratings. Where are you flying?
@murdude (24)
• Canada
3 Mar 11 a private license and eventually a commercial. Did some crop dusting back in the 70's. I want to get back into it but just hasn't happened yet.
@ericpapasit (1276)
• Philippines
5 Jun 10
Safe flying chris..... Please don't add to crush scene nowadays...
• Philippines
4 Jun 10
Hi Chrisjw! Welcome to Mylot! I have friends who are pilots. But not me, unfortunately. But I think that's amazing to learn how to fly and handle airplanes. That's great. Goodluck to you in continuing your passion for aviation. And happy Mylotting! (^^,)