Good News for Hits4pay And Dealncash Members

United States
June 4, 2010 5:56am CST
If you're a member of either or both these sites then you know that the amount of ads we've been getting has gone done to hardly any the last few months. Today when I went on there was a message on both sites about this issue. They are working to get more advertisers thus more ads for us. It said this should begin in the next few weeks. I am ver happy about this and hope it makes a huge difference for us. I'm a member of both sites and have cashed out and been paid by hits4pay but am still about 3.00 away fron cashing out at dealsncash. When I first joined these two sites they were wonderful, I was getting tons of ads everyday and although the cash out is high at both, thought with these amount of ads it wouldn't take me that long to reach the minimum. Boy was I wrong. I only hope this plan of theirs works because if it doesn't I'm afraid most members will completely leave the sites. What are your thoughts on this? How far are you from cashing out? Can't wait to hear the responses on this one!
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