Have you watch new Alice in wonderland Movie with Jonny Depp? What did you think

@unique16 (1531)
United States
June 4, 2010 11:48am CST
I like the new movie. The real people and the imagery was really cool. Love the cat colors grey and that blue. Johnny Depp was very cool in this movie. His lines were great and so was Alice. I like so much better the cartoon movie back in the 1980's I think. What was your opinion as Adult? You children opinion. Even the white queen really cool. Did not like red queen. Well worth money to buy and to keep. Thanks Unique16
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• United States
12 Jun 10
This movie shocked me this year tim burtton pulled out all the strings for this movie the cg was great the characters where great i wish i could have seen more of twiddle dee and twiddle dum in this movie they where so funny and the red queen was great my kids loved her and they love saying off with there heads all the time it just too funny great for all ages defently my top 100.
@MrNiceGuy (4147)
• United States
6 Jun 10
I have not watched it but I have chosen not to for a reason. I do not like Johnny Depp in any of his recent rolls. The Willie Wonka and Jack Sparrow things were creepy and weird enough and I didnt want to see what Tim Burton would make him do this time.
@mafra4u (284)
• India
5 Jun 10
Yes, i watched the new Alice in Wonderland. It gave me an entirely new perspective of Alice in Wonderland. Till now, we have only seen Alice as a kid, but now we saw her has a grown up girl and it was really good :) The best thing was that Disney didn't mess up the story and that was a relief for me. And above all, the 3D was really cool
@2EarnMoney2 (1163)
• United States
4 Jun 10
I thought there was to much focus on Alice and the queens personally. The supporting cast of toons from the Cat to Rabbit all deserved more screen time to help add to the fantasy part and remove some of the drama time between the queens. Overall, could have used a little less Hollywood and a bit more Disney fantasy.
@Cliff94 (49)
4 Jun 10
I really liked the movie, especially the red queen, she just made me laugh xD although the white queen was a bit meh not overly funny. I can't really remember the cartoon I have seen it a few times so i can only remember bits and pieces of it due to the fact that it was ages ago. Would definately watch it a few more times. Off with his head!
@elvieb02 (696)
• Philippines
4 Jun 10
yeah, i've watched it last week. it was good and they stick to the story plus adding some reality touch of it. the props and background are really great as if the story has come alive. actors were great too since they are well-known good actors.
@mnk202 (339)
• United States
4 Jun 10
I have heard alot of good and alot of bad about the movie..I know usually sometimes remakes are not that good but I have the movie on order and waiting for it because I actually did enjoy the remake of willy wonka to charlie and the chocolate factory I also thought maybe this remake would be funny also..Its good to know that you thought it was good.