Kurt Cobain-Genius or retard

@roxyoo7 (246)
June 4, 2010 12:17pm CST
Guys as all of us are familar with legendary Kurt Cobain.Personally I feel like he is my idol.All the songs he wrote were so touching and had really deep meaning.But i hear many guys around me saying that nirvana's lyrics are completely meaningless and their grunge music is only reason 'cause of which they listen nirvana.Many say that kurt was just a drug addict and nothing else.So i thought that i should leave this to you guys to decide.Personally i think that Kurt was a lyrical genius.His thoughts were his own.So what you guys think of him- a lyrical genius who brought revolution in the lives of many through his music or a drug addict who is rotting in hell right now for his sins.
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• United States
8 Oct 11
I LOVE these "CHRISTIANS" who say their god and love is the way, always spewing their hatred. It majestic to know that their god will strike us down for not believing in him. Sounds like a dictator eh? Saddam, Kim Jong Ill, HITLER! Anyway, once every accepts were a bacteria on a rock that has evolved to where we are, the better off we will be. There is no GOD, no JESUS, no HEAVEN or HELL! It was all created to control populations as to better serve the dictators. George Bush, Obama, etc... ANYWAY, Kurt was a genius and a tortured soul. Allot of people hate because they know nothing more than their own ignorance and own brand of redundant justice. I challenge anyone to prove GOD to me and PROVE HELL to me. The only hell that exist are the wars that these christian crusaders create globally.
• Philippines
12 Oct 10
I think he is a genius. It would be hard for a retard to reach such success. Specially when it comes to music, billboards and selling records.