Very Scary

@rosie230 (1674)
June 4, 2010 3:44pm CST
Well this week both my kids have hurt themselves enough to think it was going to be a trip to the A & E, and both worried me beyond belief. Firstly on Wednesday afternoon whilst playing with his friend in our back garden, my eldest son who is 9 years old, bent down to pick something up that he had dropped, and when he went to stand back up, he forgot the metal meter box on the wall was directly above him, so as he stood up, he whacked his head hard on the corner of it. Luckily I was in the back garden with them and I saw what happened, I rushed over to him, and his face was just white, all his colour had just gone, I put my arm around him as he was holding his head, and asked if he was ok, (I know a stupid thing to do knowing what he had just done), Anyway he was holding his head, but not crying... I kept holding him and talking to him but he couldn't talk to be back, he was trying to but he kept whispering so quietly that I could not hear what he was saying, then his hands started shaking. I sat him down on the step, and just comforted him, trying not to panic... I actually thought with the way he was shaking that he was going to have a fit or something, but he didn't, after about 10 minutes he started to talk to me, and the colour started to come back. I checked his head, luckily he didnt crack it open or anything, but he did have a bump. But for the rest of that night I kept an eye on him, I know concussion is something that can happen at anytime after the incident. Thankfully he was fine, and I think with the colour of white in his face the not being able to talk and the shaking were the symptoms of shock. I'm just glad that he is ok. Then today my youngest son, who is only 15 months old, was waddling around outside, playing with his toys in the back garden, and he tripped and fell. He also didn't cry at first, but started to scream just as I was walking up behind him to pick him up off the ground. As I picked him up, I suddenly caught a glimpse of blood running down his chin, and well as you can imagine I panicked, I held him and looked, and his mouth was full of blood, and by this time so was my top and his t-shirt. I couldn't see what he had done. Eventually after water and holding wet wipes on his mouth, I finally saw what had happened... his bottom teeth had gone through his top lip, and the top teeth had caught his bottom lip. It looked awful, but was was more frightening was the fact that I could not seem to stop the amount of blood that was pouring out from the top lip. Again I thought a trip to the A & E was inevitable, but after a while, with drink, wet wipes and finally an ice lolly, the bleeding stopped. Now my little man has a rather large fat lip, that looks very very sore. I guess this is the one thing that really scares me, as a Mum... there is nothing worse than seeing your children hurt themselves like this, and it really does make your heart skip a beat, and then your adrenaline starts rushing through you. I know kids are going to have bangs and falls, but I will always worry, and panic, because thats what we parents do.
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4 Jun 10
Poor you and your children! You have had one scary week! I think the hardest thing about being a parent is the thought of your child being hurt in any way even if it is a tiny scratch. It hurts me if I see my daughter hurt in any way and I know that physical accidents are innevitable and as she grows older the emotional pain in her life will be doubly terrifying. A year ago we had to rush our daughter into hospital as she wouldnt stop being sick and couldnt even keep liquid down. After a couple of days she became lifeless whereas she is always so full of beans. Luckily it turned out to be a simple urine infection which her body handled badly though that was so terrifying and ever since then every time she is sick I feel physically sick with worry. At the moment my sister is in hospital with her one year old daughter who was born with a lot of problems including severe heart lung and stomach problems. She had to have an op when she was a day old and the hospital has become her second home. Every day my sister faces the fact that she could lose her baby girl and it has made me less panicky about the smaller accidents my daughter has such as tripping over or banging her head as Ive come to realise children are more durable that us parents actually believe though I still do constantly worry that something bad is going to happen and want to wrap her up in cotton wool though unfortunately I cant do that. I am so glad your children are ok and thankfully nothing worse came of their accidents and how you dealt with the situations was perfect - probably better than I would have as I hate the sight of blood!