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June 4, 2010 5:45pm CST
differenced saving and investing,many people it is important to realize savings,but many also do not understand the purpose of saving.there also are not able to distinguish the sense to save by investing. including me ^_^.i think the second goal was the same,but its a different realty. why this is difference?
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@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
28 Jan 11
I"d say saving is just that...saving for a reason. Putting it aside for something. Emergency fund, college, or just a rainy day or maybe the large appliance you will need or just living expense money. Savings don't "loose" unless you spend it. You have control over it. Investing it putting your money into something that will "make" you money while it is "invested". IT is complicated so many can't understand it. Investing can gain or loose. You have no control over that. I had a hard time figuring it out. BUt my brother said..."invest in something you yourself use alot". He mentioned Hormel (wish I'd done that!) But I was into crafts so I invested in Michaels Craft store. $500. I let it sit, knowing it most likely won't loose. 4 yers later, they sold and the new owner didn't want to transfer stocks so they cashed me out and the stock price had split so I got twice the shares and at the price they sold...I made $400 afater getting my $500 back also. I then invested in Chevron.. back when it was going up. $500...at $63 a share. 9 monhts later I sold it at $96 per share. So I made back my $500 plus more! Then I got to thinking, why not follow someone that has done it before? I researched T. Boone Pickens and followed him for a few months, and when the market crashed in 08, I bought what he had....all less than $5 a share and now they are all above $15 -$20 a share. I can sell now,l but I will have to pay taxes on it at my rate now. I plan to leave them in there for my retirement. They are all stocks that will most likely be here years from now. Savings, I do but don't put them in the bank. 1/2% interest isn't enough to do anything other than boost me into a higher tax bracket and then the interest I would earn just goes to pay the taxes that they caused!
@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
7 Jun 10
Saving = putting money aside for some future use Investing = putting money into some kind of fund, or real estate or goods with the hope that the value will increase
@Cutie18f (9563)
• Philippines
4 Jun 10
Saving is something that you put aside, maybe little by little, for the rainy day. You are supposed to grow your savings and not use it for other purposes. Investing is using your money in business with the purpose of growing it. However with the latter there is no security and assurance that you will be able to grow and get back the money you have invested. In the latter case also, people invest their money because the profit compared to the interest in your savings account is a lot bigger.