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United States
June 4, 2010 8:00pm CST
i have a friend named azali and i am so annoyed of her. she is always complaning. i was walking with my friend meram to class for first period. hen she is walking behing us always out of the conversation like always. and she keeps on sayin: " why you walking so fast?" me and my friend are just like " because we feel like it and because we have feet and we can use them anyway we want. she just like: " oh i didnt say you can't im just asking my gosh" and she rolls her eyesits so annoying! its not just today it is every single day! she is like 2 years younger than me and every time i mention that shes younger than me shes always like soooo!?!? then i just ignore her attitude. then i was working with her and my other friends for a group porject in math. we are to pick three things to do for our project. we picked the celebration, the food thingy, and the fundraiser. we were gonna combine it into a whole thing but then azali started yelling at us then when we were like what?!?!? why would we do that then me and my friends started discussing the budget and then she starts crying and says nobody ever listens to her and i just act like i dont notice and im just thinking: " oh grow she stupid baby what ever happen to soooooo?!?!?!" shes always crying over everything!!! What should i do!??!?!?!
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• Philippines
22 Jun 10
hi midnightat10! well your friend seems to be so eager to get your attention. If she is really your friend why don't you talk to her instead of avoiding her. Tell her that her attitude is not healthy to your relationship, or your friendship. Tell her that she has an annoying attitude and that if sever she continues to be so, she will loose her friends including you.
• United States
27 Jun 10
Alright I'll give it a try :)