will you still continue you relationship when all you feel is pity and not love?

June 4, 2010 11:32pm CST
i once got involved into a relationship. i thought it was love but later on i realized it was not.. it was pity.. so i decided to let go since it would be so unfair to go on without love. i only see him as a brother and not as a person i want to spend the rest of my life with. i explained to him in a nice way and he said he understands. i was guilty at first since i hurt him.. but weeks later, i realized i made the right decision. he was not man enough to accept failure.. he spread false testimonies and talks against me.. he makes me appear as a girl unworthy of respect. so i said to myself he's not worthy of love.. he's very selfish.. i made the best decision to break him up.. the break up only reveals who he is..
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• Philippines
5 Jun 10
Pity is very far different from love or real love. It would be very unfair for both if you will be sticking together because you pity him or her. It is better to let him know early as possible rather make him believe that you love him. Don't worry about the stories he's making up, he's just hurting that's why he finds way to hurt you back. just stick on your decision and I know you will soon have someone whom you will love truly.
• Indonesia
5 Jun 10
No, i will end it, it will be unfair for both side.
@jhnmikala (153)
• United States
5 Jun 10
no i would not because ui no id be wasting my time in the long run and id be wasting theyre time once that started happening id tell them the truth and say that i just dont love u like i used to and that its not working out.