June 5, 2010 3:45am CST
hello mylotters. do you believe in if i have heard that chanting of the word "om" produces positive virations.also there are many words that perform the same job.we hear that the attitude of the person is determined by the surrounding in which he spends his most of the time.i have even heard that the a thought is equivalent to a you believe that the concept of vibrations exits.share your views regarding this topic. happy my-lotting.
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• India
5 Jun 10
yes my dear friend i believe. and om is the only word which can make vibrations in your brain which will help in excessive blood flow to the brain and in effect more active work of the brain. every mantra have its own vibration. some have positive and some negative. and this energy whether it is positive or negative will spread in the persons surrounds the man who is chanting that mantra.these are all true. and this is the reason that a man hearing veda everyday will feel like more younger and healthier than another who doesnt
5 Jun 10
You are right my friend .The word "om" produces a positive energy.according to hindu mythology Om is the only word that if you pronounce it the whole body will vibrate.It is true also that's why in some yoga asans Om is pronounciated.Even when we think om it creates a vibration in body.It is scientifically proven.I dont know much about this because I cant attended this type of seminars.