Scientific work and life

June 5, 2010 4:27am CST
I'm wondering - is scientific work compatible with daily life? With daily life I mean meetings with friends and going to parties. This question arouse because I realized that my life is partly very lonely. My hobby, if I could say so, is to learn all the time. My scientific sphere is theology and I have lot of ideas about which to write and what to do with that to make some difference in other people lives. But my spouse isn't interested in theology or other spiritual, mental field. In weekends he likes to go to parties with friends and talk about cars and other "men" things. I realized that for me communication like this is not interesting, but I also want to go to relax, but...but I haven't any seems interesting, because I have many good friends, but they in their free time like to spend their time with their families. So every time when my spouse go to divert oneself I feels forlorn, because I feel joyful only when he is with me. I can't to harmonize these feeling....any suggestions?
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@yugasini (12839)
• Anantapur, India
5 Jun 10
hi bubulizzz, really spiritualism is great,i have read several books in spirutualism,have you read the book "A Autobiography of a yogi",you collect the book or buy or steel and then read it ,really it is good book,instead wasting your valuble time with your boy friend on parties,reading good books will give your happiness,have a nice day
• Latvia
5 Jun 10
No, this book I haven't read, but I will. I read very much, the reading takes the most part of my day. I usually take books from library, because it isn't cheep to buy them, but I hope that someday I will have lot of books which will be mine own.
• Philippines
5 Jun 10
There are different kinds of people and maybe you're the type who would just prefer to be alone. If you really wanna go out and have fun with friends then schedule a outing or something with your friends so they'll know in advance so they can organize their schedule with family. If they're too busy then find new friends you can go out with. You can invite them for lunch or movies or whatever they fancy doing.