pork is good for you or not??? or make you sick?

June 5, 2010 7:07am CST
i want to know that pork is good for health or not because my friend said that pork had a germ that cannot be punish, and not good for your health.. generally pork was coming from hog or pig....everyone know that pig eat rubbish!... so you gonna eat it? or not?...or you gonna say that pork are delicious... so...how about you guys...
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@xfahctor (14128)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
5 Jun 10
I have been eating it my whole life and have never had a problem. One must remember to treat it like any other meat and cook it all the way is all. It is no less safe than any other meat and if you are not eating it, you are really missing out, it's pretty tasty and versatile. Most pork sold in stores comes from pigs who are grain fed, they do not feed them garbage.
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5 Jun 10
Your thinking of the parasite Toxoplasmosis which is present in SOME pork products. It is EXTREMELY rare and you would only get the parasite if you were to eat raw or undercooked pork products- which is why you should ALWAYS ensure pork is always well cooked. When you eat infected pork products, the parasite will then grow in your colon, and result in a worm type parasite. You can get toxoplasmosis from working with pigs (live) on a farm, but it is very unlikely to be passed onto you as a human. Toxoplasmosis is more dangerous in pregnant women, which is why when you are pregnant you shoudl make sure ANY pork you eat is well cooked and why you should not go near pigs when pregnant- many women dont realise this when pregnant. But toxoplasmosis is VERY rare- once you egt it, you cannot get rid of it- But it doesn't kill you- it can make you blind (if the parasite is behind your eyes), and will make you sick etc, but will not kill you even if you got it. Pork is delicious and so long as it is cooked and prepared in the correct way, then there is no problem as toxoplasmosis is killed off when it is cooked. What the pigs eat has nothign to do with how the meat tastes- as their food goes through their stomach and colon and out again. That is nothing ot do with this parasite been passed onto humans. Toxoplasmosis is not somehting you really have to worry about in the developed world- third world countries are at more risk of their pork been infected by it, but again so long as it is completely cooked through there is no issue!