Do you recycle? Why or why not?

United States
June 5, 2010 12:12pm CST
Do you recycle? Why or why not? I do not, although I know that I should, because everyday, my family throws away so many things that can be recycled. Really my apartment is much too small to hoard recyclables until I get the chance to go recycle, because the nearest recycling center is at least 10 minutes away, and I'm a very busy mom who hates driving. I've been trying to find a job so I can move into a bigger place, and hopefully, have a bigger kitchen with lots of storage. Then, I would be able to recycle, and live closer to the recycling center. I know then that we could only have 1 bag of recyclables tops, because we use so much papers, cardboard, bottles, etc. We could also use our leftover food for compost. Anyone here know how to do that? I definitely think my family could start living more... green. We just need to get rid of the clutter we have in our small apartment now!
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• Canada
5 Jun 10
I only recycle aluminum consistently and I recycle glass for deposit fees. I also compost when it's possible. I do not recycle plastic, paper and cardboard because it can do more harm than good. The processing that is necessary to turn recycled papers into something usable can create more pollution than creating new paper. Manufacturers of paper products are also required to plant new trees to replace those they cut. The amount of money that is spent on collecting recycled goods is also very high, and often costs the country more money. Then again, I don't think there has been enough unbiased research into the actual cost and benefits of recycling. I'd definitely recycle paper etc, if some legit, independent research came out to support it.