Faith Hill's song "There you'll be" reminds me something nostalgic

June 6, 2010 2:03am CST
Listening to a song played on a You-Tube must have a significant effect on to our memory. Our brain seems to contain an endless length of magnetic tape which will record every image and sound that our eyes can see and our ears can hear. To me songs are recorded in my brain altogether with the situation, incident or event that is there or is happening concurrently with me listening to the song. I think our deja vu is also stored in the brain and is reproduced when we experience something that is quite similar (resembling) to the one that we have experienced recently or a long time ago. Apart from deja vu, visual effect of the song movie can bring our thinking back to the real situation, incident or event that we had experienced, for example, in Faith Hill's song, it reminds me of the great sorrow, pain and agony experienced by the people during the 11th September in the USA, and also during the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbour. The makers of Faith Hill's song on U-Tube "There You'll be" did hit a deja vu of many lovers (young or old) and historians. Everytime I watch and listen to the song, I tend to think that Faith Hill was the actual woman in the movie and in another situation, I envisage her as if she was among the survivors of the 11th Sept incident or as if she was really the wife of the American soldier who, in desperate effort to save Pearl Harbour from the attack, died(was shot and burnt with his warplane)on the air...what a nostalgic song to my mylotter friends, please share with me by listening to Faith Hill's U-Tube song "There You'll be" and please share your own deja vu through songs that you have listened to...Tq and I look forward to receiving your response.
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