Physical beauty versus Inner beauty

June 6, 2010 8:48am CST
You only have to make a choice between these two women. A very pretty woman, maybe the prettiest but her attitude is the worst or an ugly woman with a golden and pure heart. My father-in-law told me that he rather choose the pretty woman because you can change the person's personality through influence but you can never change the face. In some way, I agree with him, because if that pretty woman knows LOVE then she still have the chance to change herself to be a nice person. For the ugly woman's case, she can have any plastic surgery but her offspring will show how she really looked like and she could be a subject of humiliation. Like in a whitening soap commercial, the parents were white but the baby's dark. Everybody looked at each other and one said, ah, because she's using Biolink..
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• India
7 Jun 10
Physical beauty is too attractive but its short lived, and innerbeauty is long lived and it is not atall attractive, a person with inner beauty can develop external beauty with some changes in their life style, but a person with external beauty doesn't have inner beauty than its too tough to change ti , as she has to change her whole life, and she cant change the past
• India
6 Jun 10
what your father-in-law said you may be right but in my case am very luck to get my love since my love has both beauty of inner and outer.