latter day saints

June 6, 2010 11:42am CST
we went to the temple of latter day saints. How it is actually name, I do not know! all I knew is dat every detail of this temple was greatly done just for this work of art to be realized. when you enter through the gates of the temple, you would see that even when you try to look at it just outside, it is wonderful. as soon as you would be entering the temple, you would be asked to wear a shoe cover. that means, everyone who enters the temple should be clean. and when you are already inside, you would see the floor mattress, the walls cravings, the sculptures, paintings, expensive chandeliers and others! all that you can say is WOW!.by the way, there is also a golden angel at the top of temple named as moronai. trully the temple is exceptionally amazing. I just wonder what satisfaction can this temple give to the people who believes on this..
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