I hope to fine a partner who can do sports with me.

@baifuwa (636)
June 6, 2010 9:02pm CST
I alway feel lonely when i run in the playground alone.I hope there is a guy who can run with me .Then we can talk while runs. But most of my friends don't like sports. I want to make some new friends ,the better ,he or she like sports.
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• Philippines
7 Jun 10
you can join a pick-up game at the park or go to a sports park where there are lots of people. if you run in the morning, make yourself the official 'good morning' greeter of your fellow runners. here where i live, the people are friendly and always want to know where you're off to or what you think of the weather. perhaps you can start your day by saying 'fine weather we have today, don't you think?' the talkative ones will surely have something to say then you can invite them to run with you or play badminton.:)
@baifuwa (636)
• China
8 Jun 10
I think it is better for playing badminton because it is not subject to the place .
@youless (88350)
• Guangzhou, China
9 Jun 10
Why not go to the gym to find a partner? People who do the exercise in the gym shall be interested in sports. You can make friends with them. I love China
@Porcospino (16432)
• Denmark
8 Jun 10
I used to have the same problem, because I like to play badminton, but I didn't have any friends who liked to play, so I couldn't find a partner. I was a little upset about that, because I really wanted to play. When I met my husband I told him that I enjoyed playing badminton, and that I didn't have a partner, and he suggested that we play together. I was very happy, and we have already played for one year. If you are a member of a friendship site in your country maybe you could try to find some friends there who are interested in sports. Joining a sports club in your local area could be another option. Good luck. I hope you find a friend who is also interested in sports