Japan! what are you doing?

June 7, 2010 1:20pm CST
Today,i can't help saying something!Have you ever seen the movie of THE COVE.I have heard that every year with more than 20000 dolphins to be killed in Japan,at first,i was surpried and couldn't believe how can the humen beings treat such kindly animals in that slaughterous way!Then my friend suggest me to see the documentary film of THE COVE.Now,i finished it and i really want to see it earlier so that i can encourage more people to see it and take a look at what the goverment of japan have down which is absolutely inhumen and outrageous. It's hard to express what my feeling after seeing the film is now,and only when you have watched the movie,then you would understand it. And i strongly suggest that,if you haven't watched it,then spare some time to take a look,it's worth of the time you would spend!
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@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
8 Jun 10
I have not seen it and I dread watching it to be honest because cruelty to any living creature breaks my heart. I guess it will be worth the time to see it and be educated about what is going on. I have the same question as you in regards to the horrible things the Japanese are inflicting on these beautiful creatures. Why? Why Japan, what are you doing? This is the link to a petition to stop the slaughter which may help, I’ve signed it: http://gopetition.com.au/petitions/save-japans-dolphins/sign.html#se