how will you know you are prepared for marriage?

June 7, 2010 2:59pm CST
i've been thinking. how will a girl know for herself that she is mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready for marriage? my boyfriend has popped the question and i said YES, but i'm not sure for myself if i am ready. there is no question with how much i love him but something deep inside me questions my capacity of becoming a good wife and eventually a dedicated mother. i mean, i take pleasure of taking care of him and i believe even more when we're finally one, but there's just this something that i want to make sure before i walk down the isle. i just don't know how to be sure that i am THAT ready.
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7 Jun 10
You need to talk to people that know the both of you - your family and close friends. And then when you are ready, speak to your boyfriend. I think there are always going to be some nerves, but if the doubts are defintiely worrying you at this stage then perhaps you haven't made the right decision. You must trust your instincts.
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7 Jun 10
If there is no doubt in your mind that he is the one for you,if you know that you would do anything for this person,if you know that he feels the same way you do,if you know that yall are on the same level spiritually and if yall are not,its all about compromising,learing how to work problems out before marriage,so that when you do get married there will be nothing that cant be fixed,knowing that yall want the same thing,such as a family,and the most important thing is to follow your heart,dont let your mouth open up and say yes before you actually feel it in your heart that it is right
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9 Jun 10
If you are wondering about this now, it probably means you are not yet ready for marriage. Why don't you stay with him, but not get married yet? You will know when you feel it is right to commit to a marriage. I first got married when I was 20 and I was far too young, I can see that now. I finally married my 'right one' when I was in my 30s, we have been together 13 years now. Good Luck!