Poor captaincy from Suresh Raina, who can captain India after Dhoni?

June 8, 2010 3:45am CST
Raina might be a good batsman and good fielder, but he is very poor in his captaining ability. we really missed the good captaincy from Dhoni in the Zimbawe tour. I have viewed in many domestic matches also that dhonis team ending up in a loosing side despite of displaying some good cricket. In Ipl also Raina captained CSK for some matches when dhoni was injured, but they lost those matches, even though few of them should have been an easy win for CSK. so I think he is lacking that quality of a good captain, in zim tour also he should ahve brought him up inthe batting order inn the absence of good opener. but he didnt make any changes in the batting order. he should have tried yusuf as a opener when murali vijay was not performing. and he was not trying to pick the wicket of opposition team, he just tried to restrict them, and we lost the match. so are you satisfied with Raina's captaincy? do you still belive that Raina has the ability to become the captain of Indian team in the future?
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• India
23 Jun 10
according to me ganguly is good captain. his analysis abt the batsman and his exact feilding strategy for that batsmen, made us win a lot of matches. ofcourse, he failed as a batsmen at that time. but for even today, ganguly is the best captain among all our team captains. he got this reward from BCCI also. after him dravid managed well, but he failed as a batsmen at that time. and finally now dhoni got captancy after dravid's resignation. instead of good captain, i have to say that dhoni is the luckiest captain of indian team. the present team is really strong and attacking. this kind of strategy is not observed in dravid captancy as well as in ganguly's captancy. in dhoni's captancy, we won a lot of matches, but in a lot of matches without his effort as a captain. even with his worst ideas also he won. thats why i said he's lucky. he'll be always changing the batting order without any reason. he'll bring the batsmens and bowlers into the field without any particular sequence. it'll be good once or twice. but not all the time. but dhoni will do it repeatedly. even then the batsmen adjusts that and will bring victory. lucky dhoni.... coming to raina, he also didn't got strong team to fight againest zim and sri lanka. it'll be good, if he's given a couple of chances to prove himself.
@emandoa (54)
• Pakistan
9 Jun 10
i dont think bcci shud have removed dhoni from captaincy just becoz he performed poorly in t20 world cup dhoni is an outstanding captain because of his excellent captaincy india are on top in test and in top5 in odi when india plays well we praise them and make them their heroes bt when the team is is having a bad time we abuse them and this discourages them leading to their poor performance
• India
8 Jun 10
Dude Captaincy can take you only so far! Captaincy is not going to get wickets and score runs for you. That is a collective effort of the team. SR also had a team made from scratch. A unbalanced team if I may add. None of them showed a level head while batting. None of them looked to pick wickets! Fielding was always second when compared to the other teams. Indian cricket is looking bad right now. I say make ST cap and check out what happens!
@avani26 (1520)
• India
8 Jun 10
Dhoni and a good captain that is a thing of the past. Have you forgotten his captaincy in the T20 World Cup. I do not trust Raina as the Indian Captain and feel that Virendra Sehwag or Gautam Gambhir would make a better captain.