June 8, 2010 5:34am CST
I have been meaning to start this discussion for months but haven't had much time - now I'm just starting all my discussion ideas lol....anyway as alot of you may know, I was breastfeeding my daughter - she turned 3 back in April..the Finally title comes into play because when I went back to work of a night, I had to stop breast feeding her as she would only go to sleep on the boob...I started back at work at the beginning of December & since christmas, I can say that my daughter was finally weaned off the boob once and for all & I must say that even though I enjoyed that closeness with her, I REALLY enjoy having my body back to myself!! Did you ever breast feed your children? If so, how old were they when you weaned them off?
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• Philippines
9 Jun 10
congratulations for doing it for a very long time i did nursing for four months but with the help of bottle feeding too. i guess my child was more satisfied with bottle than what i am giving her so my milk gradually stop. if given the chance to have a baby again i will do it longer than 4 months.
• Australia
9 Jun 10
Thank you...By the end of it, I was glad to have my body back to myself if you know what I mean.