3D TV really give headache to some people

United States
June 8, 2010 3:53pm CST
3D TV will be the biggest hit in next couple of years. You can enjoy the 3D version of your movies within your home. Although this technology breakthrough amaze many people, and the sales will be expected to be high in the future, that is a catch. Some studies reveal that 3D TV applies some LED light that really giving people headache, or cancer if it getting worse. So, it is a scary fact to consider. Nothing is perfect, isn't it?
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@mrcol1010 (209)
• United States
10 Jun 10
The reason some people get headaches from TVs in general is because their eyes are very sensitive, and the light emitting from that magical box is too much for them.
@allamgirl (2145)
• Philippines
10 Jun 10
i don't really enjoy 3d all that much. it looks the same to me when i watch 3d so it doesn't really amaze me. i just remembered my cousin who hates that they do every thing 3d now a days. for him, they just do it to generate extra income.
• Finland
9 Jun 10
I only got headache from the movie Avatar.