How do you make decisions in your life?

June 8, 2010 7:22pm CST
Life is full of decision making, everyday of our life we are facing problems and pressures that requires us to make decisions. Many or sometimes we regrets because of the wrong decisions we made in our life. How do you make decisions in your life my friend? Your answer will help and will ideas to all myloters.
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• India
23 Jun 10
i go by my heart, rather than put my rat-brains to work on this decision making. that way, even if it comes out to be a wrong decision, and even if i have to loose a bit of money or otherwise, I will not be sulking and sad. I would then say, i have enjoyed doing what MY heart tells me. this is mostly what helps me in making decisions. and, for most, their heart is somewhere inside the body, doing all the pumping of blood, and managing the health. BUT for me, it is in my spouse, that I CONSIDER my heart to be. so, .. i ASK her.. and do that. mostly.