Mad at man

United States
June 8, 2010 7:27pm CST
My sister is so mad at her man, which is my future brother - in - law. She complains about his messy lifestyle. Never take active role in helping her clean the house, or take responsibility on learning to cook a decent meal for once. He only works and works, and he thought that he simply bring home money, that is his job. I told my sister, don't complain too much, at least he is working and willing to bring home money take care of you and my nephew. Taking a baby step and educate him a little later on. Are you mad at your man on those daily stuff?
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• Romania
9 Jun 10
Well, I can tell you what not to do...dont leave the mess hoping he will clean it up becouse he WONT! Youll only end up living like pigs :))...most guys are like that...they just need a insentive!
@amelly (1556)
• Malaysia
9 Jun 10
well,my dad thinks about work almost at the time..but he did help so much with the housework..i mean he would never help with the house chores as he thinks that only us,his kids will do it..but he can really cook!yeah,she should talk to him and persuade him slowly..i do agree bout at least he is working and getting paid for it..maybe he did everything for her without she realised it