Iphone 4: Love it or hate it?

iphone4 - A picture of Iphone 4, as compared to Iphone 3G, where it is slimmer, and with video conferencing.
@xtinelee (3378)
June 9, 2010 1:12am CST
Are you intending to get Iphone 4? Why or why not? I would love to own a Iphone 4, but I realised I'm not really such a heavy handphone user, as in, I don't really surf the net, or play games on my handphone. Moreover, I was given a Ipod Touch for my birthday, so I think for now, the Ipod touch would suffice. What about you? Are you intending to get Iphone 4?
5 responses
• Philippines
30 Sep 10
love it... how i wish to have one for myself.
@bodil4o (271)
• Bulgaria
7 Jul 10
I like iPhone 4. Why - it is better than all iPhones and they was really nice phones. Now it has better display, better processor, more ram(I guess?) and the new iOS, which in my opinion is the best mobile operating system ... ever ;)
• China
6 Jul 10
I love it. I used iphone1, the feeling is great, and 3 years later, I finally can get my own iphone, that is iphone 4
@bestben (13)
• China
9 Jun 10
I love iphone 4. I would like to buy one.I don't surf the net with cellphone,but i think iphone can bring me an unprecedented mobile experience.Its configuration,although not the highest.but it can bring the users the fun.
@joyce318 (139)
• China
9 Jun 10
I want to have one no matter Iphone 4 or other item. But in china it is so expensive that I can not affort it.