Don't box yourself!

June 9, 2010 1:12am CST
I was watching this show and this guy said 'Don't box your self'. Light bulb moment! It's true, we sometimes box ourselves, when we can be a lot of things... It is always good to know that you are good in so many things and not just in 1. It is also a challenge for us to do more things in life...
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• Philippines
10 Jun 10
That is so true. I agree with you. "Reinvent" yourself. It doesn't necessarily mean that we will do different things. It's more of doing the same things but in different styles and manners. Like in marriage, reinventing your relationship will help the couple last forever. If things went on routinary to me and my husband, we sit down and talk and decide to reinvent.
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• Mexico
10 Jun 10
Hi pink maven: I agree with you. It's ok to open your mind and don't follow the routine. Or at least, it's good to just try to make things in a different way, a different attitude through things . Thanks for your answer. It's always good not to box ourselves. Thanks for your answer. Have a nice day. ALVARO.
• Mexico
10 Jun 10
Hi santos mari chris: I think that, when I was at school I box myself, doing a lot of things just because I think I can deal with suchn list of things. But the result is stress so now I try to do only the things I can do in A DAY and now I have less pressure. Thanks for asking us this question. Have a nice day. ALVARO.
@tomitomi (5441)
• Singapore
10 Jun 10
Well said! And that's a good reminder too. We can't move or see much if we are in a box. And that's figuratively for the brain as well. We have to think "out of the box". The brain needs a challenge to keep it working right.
• China
9 Jun 10
I totally agree with you that we should show more real sides of ouselves rather than ignore or hide them.Maybe it means we will run more risks and accept more challenges in our life,but do you remember the folk saying“ no risks,no gains”?People should be more potential than they thought they are .There are only one chance to enjoy your life,so why we waste our lifetime not to realize our hope and make our future better and better? Perhaps they are still afraid of the probable loss.But in the view of mine,life without hope is the biggest loss! However, meanwhile,it does't mean there is no limitation at all.You must't be agaist the law or standard of moralization.