You can never stop loving someone,its either you never did or you always will.

@roxyoo7 (246)
June 9, 2010 6:20am CST
Friends i believe that we can never stop loving someone,its just either we never did or we always will.I know to many it will sound quite senseless and weird,but i think its the truth.Many a time i hear guys and gals saying that i don't love him/her because she did me this or that,or in some cases,when we don't get the one we love,we usually tend to avoid the pain and all the bad feelings by saying that we don't love the person anymore and we thinking of someone else.Personally i find it damn hard to develop that kinda attitude.I myself tried to get over someone million of times but couldn't.I thought of leaving her behind and move on in my life but even that wasn't possible.Such attitude of mind took its toll over almost everything in my life but i couldn't help it.So i came to that conclusion that we can never stop loving someone if we really loved 'em at some point of time.What are your views regarding this.
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