does rafa deserve his world no 1 ranking?

June 9, 2010 8:03am CST
what i think is that rafael nadal is a unidimensional player only as his wins in wimbledon and austarlian open were a fluke ,his preferred surface is clay on which he is a master,but he does not deserve his ranking as you see out of his 14 wins against roger fedrer 12 have come on clay onlty?what you say guys?
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• China
25 Jun 10
I think the ranking is representation of player's recent performance.Through the last tow months,no one can beat rafa,so he should be No.1 definitely.ATP don't modify the ranking system now,we must obey the rule.From 2002 to now,rafa and roger are the top two players in men's tennis,the ranking also represents this.So i believe that rafa deserves his world No.1 ranking.
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• Philippines
26 Jun 10
Hi there. I think that both Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer agree on one thing: that the player who is playing his best tennis at the moment deserves the title of World No. 1 - and at the moment, in men's tennis, that person is Rafael Nadal. However, if it's a question of who is ranked no. 1 in men's tennis for all time, that would be another matter altogether. I think that ATP ranks the players objectively and fairly based on their performance for the past twelve months so saying that a player they ranked as world no. 1 doesn't deserve such ranking is almost the same as saying that the institution is not reliable when it comes to doing that part of their job. It's undeniable that Roger Federer may go down in the history books as the greatest player of all time. However, the man who is playing his best tennis right now is Rafael Nadal and that is the reason why he is currently ranked no. 1 in the world. Just my two cents in.
@roxyoo7 (246)
• India
21 Jun 10
Dude you ever played against nadal.?Or you ever heard Fedrer saying such stuff about Nadal.?Well you certainly seen to have no idea about his skills and potentials.Rafa is fabulous on clay court but that doesn't makes him a bad player on other surfaces.He is just relatively good on clay thats it.As far as comparison with Roger is concerned,well i think its totally absurd.Roger is undoubtedly a legend but we can't just compare both of them.There is nothing like one is better then other.Now its a completely different thing that a swiz dude will consider fedrer better and a spanish person will have a thing for nadal.When we analyze both from neutral point of they, then we realize that how hard it is to compare both of them.We are not qualified enough to compare both of them maybe thats why we should pay attention to expert's comments.We should listen to nadal or fedrer's interviews,perhaps then we'll realize the level of respect they both have for one another.However,just to end arguement i'll say that fedrer is slightly on a better side keeping in mind his career and his achievements.Maybe in future nadal will break them but as of now fedrer is fedrer.
• United States
13 Jun 10
I think he deserves every praise and rank that he gets, because if he didnt he wouldnt have gotten them. No matter if he plays on clay or not he still fights hard to achieve his wins, so why try to take it from him. We dont know what Rafa goes through in order to get his wins or to keep his body in shape in order to battle outside of the clay. No matter what anyone say, his rank is his rank and no matter when he loses it, the fact of the matter is he still attain that achievement and no one can take it from him. Just hope he can win a US Open, its the only one he's missing and he wants it so bad.
• India
11 Jun 10
i think this is a deserved victory for rafa, and also the no 1 spot.he is suited for it after roger as roger is above 27 now and he also covered the world record,but rafa only 22/23 is able to beat him as he got 7 grandslams now itself. he only need 9 more and have 4 - 5 years left in his pocket and i think roger federer is no longer become unbeaten no 1 again, and it will oscillate among them for sometimes and then it will be nadals for a few years
• India
9 Jun 10
I think, right now in Men's tennis only 2 players i liked a lot and they are capable also.they are federer and nadal.Federer already too old and he already wins so many Nadal is the only guy who will be no.1 in ranking.
@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
9 Jun 10
i think rafa deserve my friends.he is hard opponent for roger federer and sometimes he is unbeatenable. so in my mind he deserve to number one. congratulations for your rafael nadal
• Pamplona, Spain
9 Jun 10
Hiya rogerb. Rafa Nadal the famous Spanish Tennis Player is very good and yes he wins because he reckons he has worked hard all year round recuperating from I don´t know what. Some injury I think. Well I suppose most Tennis Players could say the same too that they have worked hard to get there. I don´t whether he deserves those Rankings or not but he is enjoyable to watch every so often. I like other Tennis Players too but I don´t have much time to watch the Match the whole way through. Tennis interests me but Rafa Nadal is not my very favourite although he really works at it to get to the top. There are other Fish in the Sea too that deserve a chance.