Boys will be boys,Girls will be girls

June 9, 2010 12:50pm CST
can we see a drastic turnaround with advent of genetic engineering and advanced surgery ,will this phrase be tossed out of window forever,i really think yes
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@ilann1 (373)
• Israel
1 Aug 10
Stop making transsexuals underdogs! Some people feel as if they are trapped in the wrong body and they chose to change it. There is no reason to underestimate them for they choices of life style. And just so you know, with the technology of our days everything is possible.
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@tonylijo (135)
• India
9 Jun 10
ya man naturally boy are boys and girls are girls but there are some cases in which some boys behave like girls and some girls behave like boys. and there are some deseases caused due to some hormone ubnormalities that boys may become half girlish and girls may become half girlish. and there are some class of peoples who cannot be included in the class of boys or girls . in india these peoples are called as hijara isnt it a funny name.....
• India
10 Jun 10
well, it is not about transgenders. And, the .5 ... that our great Big B acted to be in one of his films... but, I presume, Our friend here is talking about the genetical modifications. but, tony, you made me laugh, at the thought of the hijras. they are welcome in pandals of Marriages and child-naming, house-warming functions in North India.. I heard! ... thanks for the information
• India
9 Jun 10
YES. you may be true. There is a lot of change, already, in the physique of both boys and girls. BOYS are getting round and girl-like. WHILE, girls are concentrating on size zero.. so, they are getting leaner and thinner, and bonier. There is less of flesh, and one can land an aeroplane on the chest of modern girls.. it is that FLAT. so.. one need not wait for modern GENETICS to take over. The modern living standards .. are taking care to bring out a UNISEX world. lols, and a nice debate here!@