How can reduce acne

@vijukr (24)
June 9, 2010 3:14pm CST
Tell me the best medicine to reduce acne
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@tonylijo (135)
• India
10 Jun 10
i think the oily foods an acne have some relationships .i know you are eating so much biriyanies . you have drink unboiled milk . stop eating fried chicken and try beaf and pork ,
@dreamnishu (1253)
• China
9 Jun 10
Acne is very big problem. And there are so many reason for acne. Batter you check your blood for that and consult with a doctor who will give you medicine. As i don't know your exact problem. But i can give you one suggestion that is drink much water which really helpful for acne and wash your face by cold water always.
@wiggles18 (2523)
• Canada
9 Jun 10
Well, the number one way to reduce it is to target the source, which is caused by unhealthy eating. If you stop eating grains, milk products, and processed foods, it will go away and should never come back. If you want to speed up the natural detox your body goes through when you stop eating unhealthy, it is said that drinking lemon juice helps a whole deal, and it does really, I have tried it. It is supposed to clean out your liver and get rid of all the toxins that are stored up in there, which go out through the skin as acne. Just squeeze some lemon into a glass and drink with water, or make lemon tea.