Have you ever feel bad of Jesus?

June 9, 2010 10:05pm CST
Is there a time in your life when out of too much frustration, you hated God? Well, honestly I am. There are times when I can't really understand why things has to go on different way though I really tried hard to make it better. But then I realized that there's no win over Him so I just try to get over frustrations and trust that things will be better in the end. How about you, mylotters? Can you share your relevant experience?
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• India
4 Jul 10
Yes, I do but as much as I would fight for a chocolate, while I was small, if they refused to give me one because that would spoil my teeth. I remember saying to myself, "What a devil, he is". That reminds me that Devil simply does not exist and we call the same God devil if he does not give us the things we ask.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
1 Jul 10
No he is great and man of humanity!
@tonylijo (135)
• India
10 Jun 10
no i have not felt bad about jesus . i cant do that in my life .
10 Jun 10
Strictly speaking, I consider myself agnostic, so I don't necessarily believe in God, however, when life is going badly for me, I can feel helpless and sometimes angry and it helps to have someone to blame, so I tend to blame or curse God.
@juicekodai (1122)
• Philippines
10 Jun 10
i never came to the point in my life that i hated God or questioned God... true, i have a lot of frustrations, and even at the moment i am going through a hard time... sometimes, i would hate myself for not trusting God and for following my own decision... sometimes, i would feel like my life had been probably better if I asked God for guidance before i made that stupid decision... i also thank God for those trials i have in my life and everytime i feel like i have disappointed Him or have committed a mistake, i would just ask God for forgiveness and would ask him to help me move on...