The Gospel of Arius

United States
June 10, 2010 12:01am CST
1. Arius, a man of the true gospel given to me by the Holy spirit, say the deity of the christ is a part of the fiber of God as from the substance of our creator. Trinitarism is consistent and congruenent with the beauty of the love Christ. Homoouosis being of the same substance is a depth filled quest. May my inwards hold longer so they may butress outward. Athanius shoots arrows against my soul as I hold to seeking of truth, the essence of reality. Will the fire continue to burn, continue spark the embers of our soul? May the questions in Rome, in Nicea, and Judeu stand up and take notice. Your siren may sound through Cyprus, through Phillipi, and to Carthage. Through the roads of Dasmascus, and the valley of the Tigres, I beseech you and beguile you. Hear my voice. The words of the seeker come from a souce so strong. I assail you Alexander in the name of Sabellian all things outside of the creator have a beginning or do you believe the evolutionist have merit? Whatever you point to has a beginning. If we made from sand, where did the sand come from? 2.It is stated we only use 10% of our thought, the other is unfettered and in reserve. What say you if we could access that power? men before have seen it. Jesus the Chrtist saw it, others saw that power. We also being sons of the most high God can see thought power too if we believe and have purpose. 3. Do I take away from the miracle? Do I question it? I say no? It is enhanced and seen in its glory! The glory is that man being Gods creation of supremacy with the substance of himself can grow into a likeness with God if he believes and uses the tools and ingredients the creator has made available to us.We can use the tools of Prayer, Fasting, Meditation, Confession and Private Worhship and Service. The First Council sold their soul and made it seem like some magic. Lest more people try to access the power. They try to remove the thought, the thought of the substance. Socrates you scroundel drink your poison of conformity and see it devour you in the saliva of your own spit. Oh wish Constantine could have seen it, the power of this perspective, the power and the faith, the love and the connection. The beauty of the creator is vivid and full. It is in every tree and the wind whistling in the rain. It is the moutain and the tide slammin against the store. It is in every bird and every animal. Isnt this the miracle? Isnt this the blessing? The miracle is life.
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