There is this 2 year old kid who smokes, and now there's this 4 year old kid who

June 10, 2010 1:36am CST
drinks beer... Come on... What's happening? It was shocking to see this on t.v. and what's worst there are people around this kid and his parent and no one just bothers. What's happening to our society?
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• Mexico
10 Jun 10
Hi santos mari chris: I think this situation is just sick and for me it's all their parents fault. Parents must show their control, how can this be possible? I think this shouldn't be seen in our tvs. These persons must be terrible parents . Thanks for asking us this question. Have a nice day. ALVARO.
10 Jun 10
It's called de-evolution.
@qianyun6 (2069)
• China
10 Jun 10
hehe, nothing surprise. Just surrender to the kids. I saw a photo that two kids were studying to make love... The society is over open now. What should we do to protect the kids' hearts? But we have no reason to blame our kids, because adults around them made bad examples.
@med889 (5958)
10 Jun 10
I think parents are too busy nowadays to look after the children in a more appropriate way. Some say that they hardly know it is dangerous for children whereas some simply ignores the whole matter, I think these parents should be taking an awareness course to understand the harms they are causing to their own babies.