Unwanted good glassware - what to do?

June 10, 2010 5:43am CST
I know you all must be getting sick of all my decluttering posts by now but I have this question to ask (hopefully it will be the last for a while)...I have alot of glassware & alot of them are good/expensive glassware. YES, I inherited this frommy mom when she passed away too...I did ask my dad if he wanted it (mom took it all with her when they split up but I knew that there was alot in there that dad had brought back home from his various overseas navy travels)...dad doesn't want them & I'm not sure I want them all either... I have a coca-cola glass from the 60's-70's, a commemorative glass from Queen Elizabeth's coronation which I think has been dated at 1957/8, etc... What would you do? Would you keep them, sell them or keep them to give to your kids when they're older?
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• United States
10 Jun 10
Consider taking some of the items to a local pawn shop or consignment store. That way you can decide if the offer is fair or not. If you place the items on ebay and go for the low starting bid (without reserve) you may not get much for the items just because there was not alot of traffic looking for that kind of item. This way also you will have some kind of idea what they are worth as they have people that are aware of the value of antiques in a pawn shop. But make sure you go to a pawn shop that buys items, not just pawns them.
• Australia
12 Jun 10
I never thought of that...I think I will have to look for a good one in my area or just look for an antique store so I can at least get a rough guesstimate of pricing.