Would you agree that your cellphone is a threat to your health?

@roldango (232)
June 10, 2010 9:03am CST
I have read some articles sighting the use of cellphone to cause some illnesses. I couldn't help but agree. However, most telecommunication companies-in defense of course to their product-say the radiation being emitted when using a cellularphone is minimal that should not trigger any ill effect to the body. What do you think???
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• Philippines
10 Jun 10
Yes. I've watched it from a news once. I believe the radiation is absorbed by us only when we're making calls.
@indhunair (259)
• India
10 Jun 10
cell phones,without it we cant imagie our life,after few more years we can know about it demerits through out world.
@youless (95280)
• Guangzhou, China
10 Jun 10
I don't think so. Actually today many things have radiation, such as TV, microwave oven, wifi, bluetooth, sun etc. I don't think that the cellphone radiation is just the deadly one for us. I love China
• China
10 Jun 10
Well in medical term using cell phone is very unhealthy. When a person use cell phone so much then they will feel trouble that i see in my experience. So i totally agree with that. But if we use cell phone so much. Otherwise it's not.
@williamjisir (22902)
• China
10 Jun 10
making a phone call - I think that it is not a good idea for us to make too long a time using the cellphone.
I used to have experienced a few times of having a headache after using the cellphone for a call for too long a time. I think that cellphones are not good to our brain as they radiate, but for a short call, it is ok. So now most times I use the speaker so that I don't have to put it close to my ears to prevent suffering from a headache from using it. Take care, roldango.