What is your drinking limit in a party?

United States
June 10, 2010 7:32pm CST
I think my brother is out of control whenever I go with him to a party. He would just out of control. Whatever his friend come along, he would drink and drink, and finally drunk. I hate that happen, and I have to get help to bring him home. Teenagers just not thinking what is the legal drinking limit. Although he is not driving, he should know better. The reason is he can't losing face when his friends were around. So, whatever other people drink, he has to drink too. So, do you drink a lot in a party?
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• Philippines
11 Jun 10
i had a self imposed limit before my limit was to drink 1 bottle after that... no more limit hahaha
• United States
11 Jun 10
Well, same on me. Only one bottle or 2. When I felt a little bit dizzy on my head. I knew I have to stop.
• United States
23 May 11
My limit is six drinks, no matter what it is. Although, if I have six or more it must be spaced out; not one after the other.
@pkpb97 (28)
• United States
17 Jun 10
Usually I only drink when I know there will be some people there who will not be drinking... and I can trust that they will not be drinking just incase things get out of hand. If I do drink, I usually will drink until I start to feel dizzy and then I will stop, or make sure someone else stops me before I get out of control. Once you get past that point I dont even see the fun in it anymore... I actually like to remember the fun times I have a parties :D
• China
11 Jun 10
ten years ago, i was just like your brother. but i don't drink like that. i just drink as much as it makes me happy in the party. i don't think it is a big thing for your brother. he is just a young man, he WILL know and you neednot to let him follow your mind RIGHT NOW. so, just let young man do what he like to do.