What is the meaning of the dream

@Archaiwy (599)
June 10, 2010 8:15pm CST
Last night i had a dream. In my dream, i saw a small pit, about four-square foot wide and one-foot deep, on a hill. A voice nearby said, "Go into it and you will become supernatural being." Hugging my lover I jumped to it without any hesitation. Immediately the pit enlarged and deepened to become a fathomless cave. We flyed quickly through the tunnel and then slowed down and came into a large hall. Not daring open my eyes, I felt that we floated in the air back and forth in the hall, awhile hot and awhile cool. There seemed light shine on my face, but I did not open my eyes even a small gap. After a long period, we flyed back through the tunnel and stood at the original place. The small pit is still the small pit. I felt very comfortable. But I did not know what supernatual being means and did not felt what different from everyday feeling. I do not like watch TV and cartoons and such film like Harry port. Do you know what does this dream reveal.
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@ada8may21 (2419)
• Philippines
11 Jun 10
I dont know what is the meaning of your dream. If you want really to know the meaning of your dream you can go to the fortune reader and some of them knows how to decode the meaning of your dream is just that you need to pay them. Maybe there is someone here on mylot would give meaning of your dream lets just wait and see.