Does anyone have any writing tips?

United States
June 10, 2010 8:27pm CST
I was thinking of writing a story. It's based in medieval times, focusing mainly on the magic, myths, and legends of those times. I'll give you a lay out: It is about a necromancer who is raising an army of skeletons to attack a kingdom. I was going to have a hero who would learn of magical powers inside him that would ultimately win the war. This is a very short example of my idea. Any suggestions on how to approach something like this? If you have any writing experience please help me but all are welcome to respond.
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@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
21 Feb 11
I'm always learning and I think I write preatty more often more and more but will always learn so I don't have many tips yet but there are some here that are useful: write what you really want and for that sometimes for me it takes time to realize. I actually wrote two crime novels that I never wanted published and I had the chance to and I sabotage my self only to learn 6 years later that I wrote for fun but would hate to be an author in that genre.I'm editing and increasing a SCIFI book for two years now and you see how long I'm working on the same thing? because i am loving it, so it took very long time to find out but one day you know exactly what you love and for me this is WAY too different from crimes right? :) as for me it's scifi i go to deviantart and keep inspiring my self with those art masters and look to alien worlds and stuff, you could see pictures related to what you love, and I think deviantart is for you too, actually I was thinking about while surfing and I think it's for ALL writers cause there you have poetry inspiration, sad stuff, scarry stuff, bloody, sweet, colorful art and pictures... watch a video or hear an interview from a writer of your likeing, my story has nothing to do with star wars but I love to hear george lucas sayings, jk tolkien, because I admire them not for the writer they showed to be but for their carachter, seek for writer's quotes and see their tips, they say things that sometimes it's like a slap in my face cause there are things that I already knew and stopped practicing because I forgot I don't wanna trash writting tips websise but they really never helped me watch movies of your genre watch game's cinematic trailer of your genre think about your story all the time, or at least 2 times a day and a new happening will occur...
• India
11 Jun 10
I am a great fan of HARRY POTTER, and such stuff on magic. And, will soon buy the book that you will be publishing. You just need to send me a signed copy .. of your printed version, by courier -- value payable on delivery... and I shall be glad to be one of your first customers. I cannot and will not venture into giving you some suggestions at this point, on the writing, because, It might spoil the mood, with which you are seing your plot. start off. The sooner, the better. The story line is really very catchy. go ahead.