the life of a butterfly: short but full

June 10, 2010 9:03pm CST
One morning, you'd see a caterpillar...soft. jelly-filled-like body and minty green.. just relaxing on a leaf, feeding itself and waiting... then one day, not too long hence, it's gone.. but a beautiful, colored butterfly flutters around... it's life is short, perhaps just several days or so, and yet, even a child, upon seeing a butterfly would admire its beauty, its wings, its grace.. what a wonder life could be, if we can live it like a butterfly's --- short but full. no moment wasted over stupid mistakes - just plain living and then dying to live again. but we are not butterflies.... although we can sometimes relax and just wait for our colorful wings to come out, the main thing is, we are alive because someone had created a blueprint for us... God made a plan for us even before we were born. But we also have our own free will... and how we live through that blueprint, we can choose... either to listen to Him and follow, or to make it on our own way and live with the ugly stripes it entail... whichever way we choose, it's our choice.
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@noemlice (18)
• Philippines
17 Jun 10
Sometimes when people want something they want to have it immediately...the story of the butterfly tells us that somehow we just have to wait...