What online scams wasted your time and/or money? (Some listed here)

Virgin Islands (U.S.)
June 11, 2010 12:17am CST
We need to make a list of online scams so that nobody(not that much people) will support the scam-artists that never keeps there end of the bargain. I'll start it off with ones that scammed me. gptinfinity".com"(survey) gptheaven".co.uk"(survey) tendollarclicks".com"(PTC, yeah it was obvious) onedollarptc".com"(PTC) I'll try to update this list with the latest and hopefully you too as well. Tips, -read the terms of service and check to see when they will refund your money. I think that its not supposed to say anything over 30 days to refund your money. -check to see if there is any support and their responding time to your problems. Sincerely, Yours Truly
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• United States
11 Jun 10
bux.to didn't pay me for 2+ years now. I am so disappointed!
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• Virgin Islands (U.S.)
11 Jun 10
Wow... Did you contact the support and tell them about it? If so, that sucks.
• Philippines
11 Jun 10
unbelievable! you waited 2 years fro nothing.
13 Jun 10
i think you are right i fully agree with you . i will try it then i will tell you what hep-pend . but i thing you are right.
11 Jun 10
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