new skills

June 11, 2010 2:34am CST
Now, I want to talk about new skill I want to get.It's so simple,just learn how to express myself well. You know ,sometimes ,I always can chat with person with proper phases and sentences in line,however,I could not talk well with my friends when there are so much stress on me when I taking the test. The advantage of the ability of speaking is more which we know. First, you could get more stronger relationship with your friends.For example, when your friend is so distressed, you could give him or her some confort which will enhance the friendship of both of you.When you friend make some mistake, you could tell him the truth with implicit words to remind him about the fault. secondly, you could have more chances, you know,if your eloquence is better, the leader would like to take you to attend so many conferences which maybe more opportunities which mean to you for training yourself to adjust yourself in the word. Finally,with good speechcraft , you could get success more quickly and smoothly.There are so much places where you should give the speech.For example, the Barack Obama always give us so excellent speech with his intent which is also basic qualities of a good president. The above reasons which can explain why I'm so urgent to get the skill of expessing.
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