Which city you like best?

June 11, 2010 3:58am CST
In my view ,I like the Hangzhou city in Zhejiang Province best. Firstly ,there is a world-famous scenic spot there which is west-lake. I have visited there two times, which is so beactiful and you feel so comfortable there. There are a great number of foreigners there, you also could watch so much show there which is so diverse to express the culture and custom of Zhejiang. Secondly, you could find there are a lot of snacks which is enticting to you ,after full about those snacks, you will feel so content with the life. Finally,there are so much good dressing which sold in the large building,you can get whatever style and season you like.Maybe you have heard the phase"Just as there is paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth".It is really is. If you visit the hangzhou city,there is no definitely despair.
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@maximax8 (28967)
• United Kingdom
16 Dec 10
I am very keen on traveling to different countries in the world. The cities that like the best that I have been to are Sydney in Australia, Cape Town in South Africa and Vancouver in Canada. I loved going to some other cities including Prague, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Salzburg, Lisbon and Istanbul. I haven't yet been to Hangzhou but think it sounds wonderful.
• China
11 Jun 10
wow,I comes from a neighbour city nearby,you know,it's Shanghai. :) I have been to Hangzhou once upon a time and it is very attractive and beautiful.Modern and ancient culture has been combined splendidly and perfectly there! Compared with Hangzhou,Shanghai is a bit more crowed and dirty,too many people,terrible traffic and highrise buildings without no natural landscapes......However,I still like my city ,as it is my own hometown as well as his plenty of fashion and culture information. Back to this topic, I think my favourite city is Paris.Probably it is almost every girl's dream to drink a cup of coffe in the Road Champs Elysees.It is filled with romantic,artistic and fashionable elements in the city,and there are so many scenic spots there.I wish I could go to Paris in the near future.