now a days fashion to says not eating,or diet

June 11, 2010 8:36am CST
now days on my kids also says not eat too much,one thing they say slim and other they hate faty,why? who is reason for that,i am not at all intersted in faty but atleast eat healthy do excerise drink water isit,my kids says too much slim only the trend,i cant understand it,infact i hate too mush slim also,right. we should give our kids healthy foods and nutrition on their younger age.suppose it is give much more preference to older ages i think so what about you what is happening in your homes,morning everyday wefight with our kids to eat atleast something to health,what can i do it for?
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@laratri (254)
• India
12 Jun 10
hi... My kids also says not eat too much. why? What is the reason for that? what can i do it for?....
• India
12 Jun 10
avoid to give sweet in their food time,avoid bakery items,give some special taste which they like in your receipe,need to give healthy food
• United States
11 Jun 10
Well here in America there have been some changes to the media to enforce the quality of life for young children by inspiring to go out, be active, and stay slim. The reason being is because the number 1 killing of preventable diseases in America is heart disease (America is overweight). Its best for kids to learn young because it all makes for longer more enjoyable adulthood. Kids at school may make fun of kids who are bigger which isn't right but it does happen. I think as adults its much harder to lose weight but we can do it. We are in control of what we eat now, and its up to us to manage our time like adults. I think kids can be a source of inspiration, maybe they are trying to teach ya something... see mom they're thinking the same thing you are =p