finding work at home

United States
June 11, 2010 2:06pm CST
Hi my name is Karen and i have just began the lovely search for at home internet jobs does anyone have any idea I need to be home if at all possible , or if anyone is in my position i would love to hear from you to .i have received all kind of offers most of them being something with a purchase necessary . most people who are looking at work for some time do not have extra money at hand .I have worked as a service rep in a call center . i live in a small town so mystery shopping is not an option to live by . heres the story so if you can help with some leads let me know . i also worked as a retail manager and a resurant manager .i have arthritis in my legs and lower back mainly in my knees to work all day on my feet would cause my alot of pain i doen,t want to file for disability because I know what it takes due to my boyfriend is on it and I know how it works who can go six months to years getting on it i supported him while he applyed and to be honest he needed it ,lets face it for people who need it thank GOD it is there but I don,t want to go there yet
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