What is your worst experience on your College Life??

June 11, 2010 9:40pm CST
can you share your worst experience on your college life, so we freshmen can think of ways to avoid those experiences..
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@elrvld (122)
• Argentina
12 Jun 10
One of my worst experience was in an English class, we had to translate some text (I speak Spanish), and I haven't done the translation, just I tried to do it on the fly and then I get a paper and I started to read, at the end the teacher told, "fine, but that's not the text we were talking about", so I had to read another text on the fly translating it to Spanish, hahahaha :D
• Philippines
12 Jun 10
that's funny, i think all of your classmates laughed at you..
@sach143_u (859)
• India
12 Jun 10
My worst experience sitting in a Science class, OHH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! lecture's voice is too low that only first one or two bench can here his voice but rest of the bench students are doing some other work. On that time we were chatting on mobile other wise we were doing our home works even we use to sleep without knowing to that lecture. It's really worst for us for that reason i and my friends Science subject score is in between 35 to 47.
@nina_khan (749)
• Pakistan
12 Jun 10
the worse experience in my college life was when i was practising in the ground for fielding and i dived to field the bowl and my trouser came off hahahaha and all the ground was laughing at me. i was feeling so embarrassed that i cant explain hahaha.. but it was all good. thanks for your discussion
• Philippines
12 Jun 10
First off, congratulations! College is a pretty exciting experience. And when you're a freshman it's more so. Think of it as a chance to start anew on a blank page and a brand-new opportunity to learn, not just from within the confines of your classroom, but with every person and every experience that you encounter. College was pretty life-changing for me. The thing is, I can't really recall any bad or worse or worst experience. I have my share of heartache and disappointments, but I don't really regret or feel bad about them. The great things about college is that you're young enough to face things with wide-eyed wonder, yet mature enough to know the consequences of your actions. And you have your whole life still ahead of you. I won't be warning you to avoid this or steer away from that. I encourage you to test out your brand-new wings and try new stuff. If things end badly, you can just chalk it up to experience, keep to heart the life lesson, and move on.