What is your favorite cutco knife?

@mcfuddy (382)
United States
June 11, 2010 11:48pm CST
what is your favorite cutco tool in the complete homemaker set? paring- pitting peaches and nectarines, removing roots and stems, etc trimmer- tomatoes, cucumbers, trimming fat from meat, etc spatula spreader-sandwiches, lasagna, cake, brownies, etc. turning fork- turning bacon, ham, chicken, removing olives, pickles and cherries from a jar, etc. chef (petite or french)- lettuce, carrots, celery, etc butcher- semi-frozen meat, whole chickens, watermelons, etc slicer- fresh piping hot homemade bread, french bread, cakes, etc carver- bbq, turkeys, large roasts, etc carving fork- turning roasts, serving, removing roasts from a pot, etc table knife- steak, veggies, butter toast,etc super shears- cut a penny!!!!, kitchen, garage, outside, arts and crafts, etc kitchen tools- basting spoon, slotted spoon, turner, mix stir, ladle, potato masher personally i love the table knives!!
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