hoy do you heal a broken heart????

Saudi Arabia
June 12, 2010 7:18am CST
Its really hard to heal a broken heart specially if u still love the person who brought you pain.......
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12 Jun 10
As the saying goes time is a great healer. It is hard to recover from a broken heart but it does get easier as time goes on.
• China
14 Jun 10
That's all right But sometime the memory of the pain won't disappear
• Philippines
2 Aug 10
PRAY! Ask God to give you strength.
@julyteen (13259)
• Davao, Philippines
13 Jun 10
Maybe at the beginning it's hard and you don't know what to do, there are times you think that you tie your neck and throw yourself outside your window. Some also get drunk to ease the pain but this is not the best way to heal your broken heart. Let the time heal all of this. Just relax and and think better things that can make you feel the same, seems no worst things behind you. But in your case, maybe you may look another individuals to help you ease heal the pain inside your heart. I know you can do it easily. Am I right mate?
@animemisa (131)
• Philippines
13 Jun 10
They say that time can heal a broken heart. But others remain loving the person who hurt them even time pass and still feels the hurt. It is only you who can answer your questions. And no matter what other people will advise you, it is only you who can mend your broken heart. I hope that you'll get over it...someday...
• Philippines
12 Jun 10
in life we always search for answers and reasons to let go, or what have you. people may say time is the best healer. others might say that friends make the burden lighter. but at the end of the day, you find solitude right by your side. but have you ever thought of that feeling of hurt because of a lost love? have you ever wondered why it hurt so bad? and of course, i am pretty sure that you have asked yourself, WHEN WILL THE PAIN OF A BROKEN HEART END? it is simple. it's all in the feeling and in yourself. TIME can never patch up the broken pieces of your heat. TIME only has two hands and it will be very much busy if you'd be relying on it. i have had a love whom i thought would never go, but sadly, she went far away. i still love her but the time says we're not like that. but even though I WAS BADLY hurt, i still loved her. but now, i told myself, do i still love her? and myself answered "yes", but my heart said "not anymore, but someday, it will come to order". I realized what you're experiencing. PAIN is a thing of TIME. But if you guys are really for each other, then, you will be for each other - whether you FIGHT for it or not. As they say, Love is NEVER lost, it just fades out and fades IN at the dawn. hope this helps. :)