Do You Know anything about Hiccups and having Food get trapped in the esophagus?

United States
June 12, 2010 9:32am CST
Hey Friends. I know this isn't WebMD, but last night my bf ate a piece of steak, and a small piece got trapped in his esophagus. This has happened before. He goes into the bathroom and tries to hack it up on his own. He was in there for an hour and he threw up and it was really gross the sounds he was making. I asked if he wanted me to give him a gentle Hiemlick maneuver and he said no. He couldn't even drink water, or keep it down. Then he got these crazy hiccups that wouldn't stop for about a minute. He later went to sleep. He woke up with hiccups and had more trouble, and this was after him waking me up late at night after proclaiming he felt much better and could drink water. We don't know what to do and he doesn't have health insurance. From what I found on the web I don't see many answers of what this could be. Any answers would be helpful...:) thankyou!
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@max1950 (2313)
• United States
12 Jun 10
if this is just a 1 time thing i think it will work its way down BUT if it happens often theres most likely an underlying cause, i checked a few web sites and do not want to alarm anyone but cancer came up twice. if i was him i'd have it checked out by a doc or go to a clinic and explain whats going on, even though he doesnt have insurance most all clinics will let you pay them off in time and give a 20 % discount if paid in full in cash. it used to be just heartburn, now acid reflux and they've found numerous side effects from that, that could be another possibility, but why take a chance of it happening ? have it checked and i know he's a guy but drag him there if ya have to.
@Lakota12 (42681)
• United States
12 Jun 10
My neice had to have hers operated on to open it up as it was closing forget what she called it
@juicekodai (1122)
• Philippines
12 Jun 10
what i know regarding hiccups is that the if the air you breath goes to your stomach instead of going to the lungs... also its in relation in eating and drinking... like probably because of eating too fast, the person is able to swallow air together with he food... that is how i understand it since i was a kid.. if i have hiccups, i drink water while covering my nose...