How did the students in remote areas to get an education?

The children of Africa who live in remote areas. - The children of these Africans were eating sweet potatoes for filling their stomachs.
June 12, 2010 9:39am CST
I always wonder how the students in remote areas to get an education. Because of the remote region is difficult to break into remote areas to spread education to the children. So I want to know how the remote area untouched by education.
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@KMaroon (269)
• India
12 Jun 10
Hi LontongSate Well you have started a very good discussion, I think students from remote areas should be educated by the government because it is not easy for a common man to do that if you want to spread education to all the children in remote areas and it is only possible by the government by constructing schools in all remote areas and appoint teachers in that schools. Remote areas are untouched by education because they still don't know the importance of education and there is no one to ask the government about education for their children.
@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
12 Jun 10
If children in remote areas can't get access to education, normally it is the government's responsibility to send the education to them. Normally in this case, the government will send teachers into these remote areas to teach those kids. Undoubtedly there will be much higher pays and many incentives and benefits for those teachers willing to offer themselves to teach in those remote areas, because this would also be a sacrifice on their part. My mum was one of those being sent to a remote area to teach, which she obliged (before she got married with my dad). I remember vividly the stories she has told me about the times when she taught in those remote areas and the problems and hardships she faced. I guess teachers in remote areas really deserve our awe, respect and adoration. Kudos to all of them!
@brylle454 (608)
• Philippines
12 Jun 10
There are some good hearts that offers or gives free education to those children on remote areas. There are some organizations that are doing this. There are also good teachers that sacrifices their life to give quality education on those children.