top ways to relieve boredom

@GemmaR (8526)
June 12, 2010 2:20pm CST being bored might possibly be one of the worst feelings in the world. when im bored, i do random searches on the internet to pass the time, and i will sit refreshing facebook again and again. what do you do? do you do anything that's on the list, or is there anything that you think the list has left out?
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• Philippines
13 Jun 10
all of a sudden i felt guilty. i haven't been doing two of the most important on the list...get fit and read a book. oh no! why have i wasted my time lazying around and just being glued in front of the computer. this is the fault of broadband connection..unlimited. hfmpt! well, i should start on the must do's. i will vow to minimize my time in front of the PC. windows7, help me. hahaha. thanks for sharing the link. ;-0 if i may add, maybe you can turn on your painter's hat. a little art might help. who knows you have hidden talent for arts...painting, photography, mixed media, etc. happy bumming. ;-)
@geonelynn (369)
• Philippines
12 Jun 10
1. usually when i am bored i just sleep.. LOL 2. I go to a thrift store and enjoy myself shopping. 3. I watch a movie with my boyfriend or do a dvd marathon together. 4. I read a good book. 5. I bond with my dogs. 6. Surf the internet. 7. Go to the mall and window shop.. :D 8. Or just sleep if i'm too tired to do 2 to 7.
@SHAMRACK (8525)
• India
12 Jun 10
Dear friend, I had seen in that site that the base thing is to get engaged in something or anything. Making the mind in any of those things one who like to do. I usually get engated in anything. Moreover at times I feel tried too which may lead a bit of boredom as I do have energy to do something and also not intered in doing anything. May be it is a part of life.